It’s National Fried Chicken Day in the USA! So there is no better way to celebrate (besides eating fried chicken) than to watch some of the best Chicken CFs! Take a look at our thirteen favorites and let us know what you think!

  1. Shinhwa – This CF had me feeling all sorts of things.

2.  BTS – Don’t cry! Have some chicken! (This makes no sense!)

3. Girl’s Day – Chicken Police? Okay!?

4. EXO-M – using for their powers for the good of KFC! (that patty looks interesting….)

5. ASTRO – Did you want to swoon with that chicken?

6. Daesung – Trot Chicken!!!!

7. 2AM – Who knew chicken could make a rock band?

8. SNSD – Making Chicken a Fashion Statement!

9. DBSK – Even Princes have Chicken!

10. Red Velvet – With the fun colors and awesome facial expressions

11. Twice – Selling you chicken and cheering you on!

12. 2PM – Sometimes I want to jump through the screen to get chicken too

13. SHINee – Apparently SHINee slow-mo was more important than the chicken itself!

Did I miss one? Leave a comment if I did!