Image result for taeyang solar Released: June 29, 2010

Taeyang has been a popular mainstay in KPOP through both BIGBANG and his solo work. His first full length solo album, Solar, was highly successful and spawned many favorite tracks!

Take a listen to some of my favorite tracks below!

First, Where U At?

This song definitely has Taeyang’s signature sound. An R&B/Hip-hop styled song, Taeyang really draws you in from the opening synths and makes you stay with the incredibly catchy chorus and English phrases. The random Teddy rap is also welcomed! Not one of Taeyang’s strongest vocal tracks but he does well to make this track easily to listen to on replay. What’s super cool about the MV? It prologues you into Wedding Dress.

Next, I Need A Girl.

I Need A Girl is a slick laidback uptempo track with an incredibly catchy hook and fun lyrics. Taeyang brings out a shy playfulness with a hint of fan service.  G-Dragon is also called upon to help Taeyang describe the girl of dreams and delivers a smooth rap segment. Listen to it a few times and you can’t help but sing along!

And last but not least, possibly the best track on the album, Wedding Dress.

In the music video, Taeyang embodies the heartbreaking emotion of a man that was too late to confess and now has to watch the woman he loves marry another man. The ever present piano is a lovely detail to this track and is played up in the music video. The dance break that samples Wedding March? A perfect addition. The uptempo R&B pop track has been a staple of my playlist for many years and it will continue to be.

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