Girls on Top - BoA.pngReleased: June 23, 2005

This week, we throw it back to the Queen of Kpop, BoA Kwon. You cannot mention Kpop and not know who BoA is. If you don’t know who she is, please proceed to her wiki page here. The Queen of Kpop is a pioneer for who idols are today and can you believe she is only 30???

Active in both Korea and Japan, it was impossible to not ever hear a BoA song. Released in June of 2005, Girls on Top was an instant classic once it was released. Dancy hip-hop vibes of the 2000s mixed with an interesting synth combined with BoA’s strong and unique vocals bring about a powerful song and performance.

BoA is making a comeback soon as SM recently released a teaser for CAMO. Get hyped, the legendary queen is back!!!